Behind The Scenes: Coilguns - We Missed The Parade (Official Video)

Jonathan Nido (Guitarist and founder of Coilguns): This was shot during our UK tour last April and perfectly captures the energy of that song. One of our crew members, Zach, who normally serves as a stage technician, found himself without space onstage due to the intimate size of the venues. As a result, he took charge ofthe camera, filming this song each night and editing it into the clip you see here. I love the fact that this happened spontaneously, and that we now find ourselves with a homemade video for this track.

Credits (Musicians) for the single:
Kevin Galland – Bass, Backing Vocals 
Luc Hess – Drums, Percussion 
Louis Jucker – Main Vocals, Additional Guitars 
Jonathan Nido – Guitars, Backing Vocals

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