Behind The Scenes: Fast Blood - Salvation (Official Video)

We recorded “Sunny Blunts” back in July 2023, and we knew “Salvation” had to be a single as soon as we heard the final mix. So, when Steven Landles (a great friend, and our unofficial Creative Director) pitched his outline for a promo video for the track, which would see me running all around Newcastle, getting into all manner of trouble and mischief, we were instantly sold on the idea.

Steven had produced amazing promo videos for our previous two singles, “Pulling Teeth” and “Sexual Healing”, but with “Salvation” he has really shown his comedic chops. Everything that happens in the video was down to his vision, and supported by James Grieves (DoP) and Roberto Colapietro (Gaffer), they have smashed it right out of the park and have made us so proud. The goofy nature of the video is maybe in slight contrast to the song’s themes of self-doubt and frustration, but it all marries perfectly with its poppy hooks.

The video sees our “hero”, Drummer Dave (aka yours truly) oversleeping, and running late for band practice, while the band grows bored, and then increasingly frustrated, wondering where the hell I am. Cue a hectic, frenzied scramble through the mean streets of Heaton and Byker to get to the rehearsal space, arriving just in time to join the band for the track’s rousing, anthemic ending.

I’m actually a keen trail / ultra-marathon runner but that failed to prepare me for the fairly extreme physical workout of shooting the video. From an early Saturday morning start, I spent the entire weekend sprinting, jumping over walls, bins, and other obstacles, being hit by a car on a few occasions, and nearly breaking my neck on a rickety Peppa Pig tricycle! I could barely walk for a week afterward!

The shoot was totally guerilla/gonzo in its style, zooming around town from location to location, without any permission, racing against the clock to gather enough footage for all of the key scenes. It would not have been possible without the time, patience, and support of a number of our awesome friends: from those kindly opening up their homes to those in starring roles... The whole process was a total blast from start to finish!

Steven is a tremendous director who knew exactly what he needed for each scene, and how to get it. And given that I am a natural-born show-off, I was only too happy to do whatever was required to get the best shot.

One of the highlights is the ‘angry bodybuilder’ scene, where I clatter into a muscle-bound tough guy (amazingly played by our mate Josh) and we face off. In the ensuing confrontation, I flick him the V’s and then scarper off, with Josh giving chase down the street. Given that I am a complete and total softie, Josh’s very convincing thuggish performance got the old adrenalin pumping! Even though we were ‘acting’, I was genuinely terrified!

The video’s final full band rock-out scene was filmed at our rehearsal space, going largely to plan, apart from the fact that we discovered that dry-ice machines set fire alarms off!

The aches, the pains, the cuts and the bruises were all worth it! We’re so happy with how the video came out and we have had some great feedback so far. And that is due entirely to the support, creativity, talent and skill of those involved, to whom we are eternally grateful! Drummer Dave ~ Fast Blood, May 2024

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