Behind The Scenes: From A Nightmare - HOME (Official Video)

Through the dark and dreary times of COVID-19, we made an album that represents our perseverance and determination. We had to fight day and night to achieve our goals, overcoming the obstacles of remote recording. Our producer, Josh Clark with Dark Hollow Studios, used software called audio movers, which allowed us to record remotely. The song 'Home' represents the struggle of decision making and negative outcomes. we worked with Andrew from Archaic Vision Media on the music video. His take on the story and what we got to do in just eight hours of filming was nothing short of amazing . Andrew has a real knack for the performance side of the cinematography. This really played an awesome role into conveying our passion behind our instruments. The video tells the story of a girl who is taken and forced to sign a contract. She was to exchange her soul for another, representing the idea that giving into vices can lead to lasting negative consequences. Despite the challenges of remote recording and the emotional toll of the pandemic, we were able to adapt and achieve something we are proud of.

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