Behind The Scenes: The Magic Bus - Μέρος της Γιορτής (Official Video)

Livadia is a small city in Greece, that despite its population numbers is lively, artistic, vibrant and a real ball of fire musically! It features historical sites, lovely views and an iconic river that runs through the town.

A few years back a handful of townsfolk formed the "ΑΝΑΠΝΟΗ" association, aiming to upgrade the culture and cultural life of the wider region, which eventually lead on to a multi-thematic festival that gives artists and creative people the opportunity to express themselves and attempts to acquaint the local community with modern forms of art - the “Town by the River Festival”.

“The Magic Bus” performed more than once at the Festival and the association’s collaboration proposal to compose the festival’s anthem was received with great joy and pleasure!

The Festival’s slogan «Γίνε μέρος της Γιορτής» (become part of the celebration) initiated the spirit of the lyrics and the song managed to capture the essence and goal of the beloved Livadia city’s Festival, while also acts like an open invitation for everyone to attend!

From early on, during the recording time of The Magic Bus’ new single, it felt that the track was calling for a video clip too, since it turned out to be a joyful, up-tempo rock song and the band wanted to share this feeling on image!

Since the Festival is held in Livadia city, the band decided to shoot in one of the most interesting places of the city, the «Θολωτό» (dome) hall, which has the most beautiful interior and it was perfect for the setup.

Besides the band, there were special appearances from some of the awesome people that form the “ΑΝΑΠΝΟΗ” association and these particular shootings were held at a riverside area of the city where a series of graffiti was created during the 2nd Town by the River Festival.

The band’s singer, Valantis Dafkos, directed and coordinated the shots that took a few hours and was an absolute blast since the band just had to be themselves and play just like any other live occasion! The Magic Bus’ dear friends and fellow travelers from “Soundwave” (Thanos Kostakopoulos - videographer, photographer, Dimitris Trokas - sound & lightning technician) were up for the task and their helping hand gave life to the project.

This video clip would have never been even close to what we finally presented without the help of the band’s good friend and collaborator Angelos Michailidis (AM Productions) who undertook the project’s montage, edit, and production.

So, this is it! The “Behind the Scenes” for our «Μέρος της Γιορτής» song and video clip tour is at an end and we hope you enjoyed both the ride and the video! Come say ‘hi’ at our social pages and don’t forget to like, share, subscribe, and… support your local scene! Cheers!

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