Behind The Tracks: In Shallows - World Fire (Single) (2024)

We wanted to hit the metalcore audience hard with this one. The track starts off with a melodic feel, but quickly takes a turn when the first verse hits. Technical guitar riffs take over along with a driving double bass, pushing the riff into a whole new realm. We littered the song with heavy guitar chugs in conjunction with a catchy hook. We hope to leave listeners satisfied with the range of vocal styles along with the catchy chorus.

Lyrically, this song is a buildup of our feelings about the world we live in today. The story of the song reflects on humanity’s ignorance and actions that will eventually propel us into Judgment Day. People are living in panic and pain while trying to make an everyday living while watching humanity destroy itself. “World Fire” perfectly sums up the tragic events around the globe, while our leaders add fuel to the fire and expedite doomsday into existence. The song showcases how we’ve evolved encompassing diversity, while delivering the staple In Shallows sound.

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