Behind The Tracks: The Inside Out - Too Late (Single) (2024)

“Too Late” is our newest single off of our upcoming album “Road Trip.” With this song comes a longer story in the lyrics and more feelings that we are able to be put forth. It doesn’t have just one driving direction to its story, but multiple reasons why and how it was created.

Something interesting about this song’s writing process was that it was written from a raw idea while John was playing drums, I (James) was playing bass, and Zach was ripping away at the guitar. We were all just jamming and the chorus clicked together. I loved the idea I had for a chorus while we were jamming on it and immediately turned it into something on the acoustic guitar. During the next rehearsal, we showed our drummer, Andi, the raw idea and we started structuring some great ideas out. After a few rehearsals, we ended up with the first version of the song that we all really liked.

After a few months, and playing some shows on it, we started rethinking some of the structural choices on it. We started planning our tour and the second version was born, which was the final structural version. What’s crazy is, after the tour and playing the song so much, when it came time to actually record it, I decided to pull an audible and change up the intro and post-chorus guitar line completely. I wanted something less “jammy” and more this is the intro feeling. Zach and I spent some time reworking guitars and we have our final version.

“Too Late” was lyrically written from a place of feeling anxious. Wishing things would go back to the way they were before, but realizing that the way things were before wasn't that much better to begin with. We can't time travel yet, so you'll never know what could have been because of the path you were already on. I guess I've learned in recent years it's so important to pursue as many opportunities and chances as possible. You'll more than likely regret the things you didn't do, than had done.

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