Behind The Tracks: Royal Chant - Blunt Force Drama (Single) (2024)

"Blunt Force Drama" is the sound of exhaustion from and in defiance of the modern world and all the ways humans keep finding to denigrate, suppress, and reject each other for no reason other than cruelty, ignorance, and superstition. It's also a fuzzy garage pop song from an underground indie rock duo from the backwoods of regional Australia, just trying to find their friends and allies in the world and letting those in need know that they are not alone and that the long march towards peace and equality is not even close to being done. As Ringo Starr was fond of saying at the end of concerts, "the only way to peace and love is through peace and love", so here we are, doing our best balancing act of kindness with a backbone, offering to join hands with those who need help in these needlessly trying times.

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