Behind The Tracks: Von Loop - ET (Single) (2024)

ET has been a part of our collection for quite a few years now. It first came about in 2017, when we were beginning to expand our sound and develop skills that would hopefully set us apart from our peers.

It came about very quickly, starting with drums and vocals, and then adding guitar and bass later. We were surprised to see how different the song sounded from all the others but still felt like us. It was a fantastic growing experience as a band and one that made us excited to see what would come next.

The recording process also gave us a new look into further experimenting with what we wanted, especially when it came to percussion and backing vocals. It was yet another attempt to push ourselves beyond what we had previously done, and we’re proud of how it turned out.

"ET is about the primal turmoil we as human beings feel during a period of loss and how this influences our outlook and our lives almost always indefinitely. The song paces between the thoughts of what ifs and the alternative webs we could have followed to have alternative outcomes, and a mourning of how the present will shape our future to what seems at the time, a more bleak outlook. Expressed from the perception of a confused and bewildered soul trying to navigate an all too familiar tough and barren landscape, devoid of a love they thought they had found, there's only hollowness that a certain nightlife highlights. Putting one foot forward, aware it feels like the wrong direction, ET makes you walk this path with the feeling of no longer belonging in this world. When the warp speaks, how do you answer?" - Von Loop

Music by: Luke Brown, Andrew Williamson,
Stephen Mckee & Logan Gray
Lyrics by Luke Brown

Produced by Michael Bell and recorded at Start Together Studios

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