Track By Tracks: Ape Vermin - Andromedas Colossus (2024)

About the album as a whole (LYRICALLY & MUSICALLY):

This album is extremely dynamic, melodic, Visceral, and brutal and the lyrics are extremely dark.

Track by track (LYRICALLY & MUSICALLY):

We open the record with “Obliteration Imminent”, It definitely sets the bar for how heavy and dark this record is. “Your Obliteration is Imminent”.
Next up is

2. “Colony”, With an atmospheric and tribal acoustic intro. Then crushing metal with machine gun-like double bass. “We’re all one now, to destroy all”.

3. “Solaruss” smacks you like an asteroid you knew nothing about, it's extremely dark and prophetic. “Time to break the blackened curse, Twisted visions of hell, Solaruss on the front line, On and on we kill”. It speaks for itself.

4. “Pulse Driver” is a dark hypnotic Instrumental track with tribal undertones. I wouldn't call it a filler but it definitely serves as an evil buffer for what's still on the Horizon.

5. “Mining the Colossus” This one serves as a double meaning, one that is something I want the listener to depict. The other is how humanity is absolutely destroying our sacred mother. It's true, We have been mining this colossus for far too long. “Vermin, We’re all vermin. Destroying is all we know. Mining the colossus, we’ve been mining for far too long”.

6. “Signal Transmissions” is exactly what it sounds like, an astral tether to the sonic mothership.

7. “Motherlode” It's not an anomaly. It's exactly where and what it needs to be. We’ve hit the motherlode.

8. “Awakened” My personal favorite. We’re back, and we’re making up for lost time. Hell has come back to life. Sludge metal meets Thrash in fine form. Double bass so crushing it could cause another world war. Guitar leads reminiscent of Dimebag Darrell and Kerry King in their prime and enough low-end to destroy planets. The Colossus is awake, prepare for your imminent obliteration. “Ten thousand years, through portals of time. Awaken this hell, Your world will be mine. Destroyed to extinction by hellish invention, made up for lost time, Hell has come back to life”.

9. “Unearthing the Artifact” Hailing the black mass, the blackest mass of all. The one inside of you. Very dark, we all are deep down. Have you unearthed it? “Discover the origins of the blackened stone, Conjuring the evil from within, Defining the marker of this realm, unearthing the artifact from within”

10. “Return to Andromeda” is it time? “Forged by the fires of life and death on this wicked night. Becoming the echoes of war, return to life”. An epic conclusion to an epic record.

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