Track By Tracks: Between The Killings - Omnipotence (2024)

1. Omnipotence:

This opens the second installment of the confession and mind of our serial Killer. The title "Omnipotence" is explaining his god like complex after achieving his first kill and how he moves forward in his morbid obsession. We want wanted something that just punched you in the face as soon as the music hits. This song has riffs and beats that make you want to beat someone into pulp. This is a great start as we dive into this mad mans killing spree.

2. Details Of Sadistic Killings:

This song is where our killer really accepts his urges and preys on his next victim and finds out if his method is key and has to fulfill these inner needs. I think this song is interesting musically because the beginning has a very grindcore feel to it yet we lead into an awesome melody and the guitar solo sets a different vibe to this track but then finishes you with just pummeling brutality and chaos at the end.

3. Satisfaction Of Suffocation:

Honestly, this track is for our more Groove/Slam fans but don't get it wrong this isn't just your standard cookie cutter Groove/Slam song as there are some really tech and fast elements to it but this song will hit you in the face with brick. Our killer has become very fond of shrinkwrapping his victims and watching them gasp and beg for air. This gets his jollies off.

4. Watch The Suffer:

Our killer is continuing deep into his urge to kill; this song has a very brutal tech death metal feel to it but has a very dark and sinister vibe also. Kuddos to Justin and Ian our drummer and bassist as they wrote this track and it's a freaking vibe for sure.BRUTAL!

5. Virulence Necrosis:

We finish this second EP with what we consider our best-rounded BTK song. Lyrically, our guy has another victim and is really torturing, taunting, and raping his victim. Humility is what he seeks for his victims and fulfilling his inner ego and needs BUT he makes a mistake...The story will continue on with the 3rd installment of The Killing Quartet series. Musically, this song is just pure brutal death metal with our own flavor and we feel this is what we want to capture more of as a band moving forward. The Story Continues...

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