Track By Tracks: Boneripper - World Ablaze (2024)


Is the opening track/intro of the record and sets the tone with a sample taken from George Orwell his last interview about his novel 1984. Warning everyone what will/can happen to the world and mankind if we don’t take action.


The way things are going we are slowly heading towards our end. I’m talking about the way we are treating the earth and are heading down a path of no return. Essentially staring into an abyss, knowing what is coming but unable to stop ourselves. Slowly but surely and knowingly heading towards our demise.


A song that talks about trying to move forward as a person, leaving behind bad habits and feelings but finding yourself moving around in circles. This can lead to feelings of going nowhere and the danger of old habits coming back again. All this in a one step forward two steps back scenario.


This track is about the Stoic concept 'Memento Mori', this concept from ancient philosophy talks about contemplating death and remembering you will die.
As the lyric goes:

' Think of yourself as being dead, you have lived your life, unable to come back. Now be reborn and take what’s left, start to live it properly no time for regrets' Therefore fearing death in a positive way reminds you to live your life to the fullest.


A song about inner conflict, it’s about feeling stuck in life and the feeling you are unable to change and are set in your ways. It’s about taking matters in your own hand, confronting yourself and breaking free from old patterns. Facing what is holding you back and determine your own destiny.


A short instrumental piece with a bit of George Orwell reminding us where the world is heading and who is responsible.


This literally means; the fear or dislike of anything which is perceived as being foreign or strange, and talks about exactly that. People who live in their own buble and are afraid of anyone or anything that will change this therefore turning to all kinds of fake news and narratives to support their version of reality. Letting themselves off the hook and keep them in their own little buble just the way it has always been. Everything is always someone else's fault, ‘and everything is fine’


Racism and discrimination, plain and simple. The song talks about people’s urge to judge other people on the color of their skin, their sexual preference, their gender (lgbtq) and anything else that is not in line with their own beliefs. It’s about the constant need from people to dominate over others because of their own beliefs, they think they are superior, they are right and therefore have the right to force their ‘morals’ and will upon others. We are all equal.


This song talks about getting back up after you fall down. That giving up is never an option. That no matter how hard and unfair life seems sometimes the only thing to do is get back up and start moving forward. This is the hardest thing to do after you’ve fallen down but the only way is back up again.


It’s the question whether or not we as humans and planet earth are still savable. The way things are going with wars, global warming, fake news, religion (extremism), greed, pollution etc. it looks like we are beyond redemption. Will the people wake up in time? Or are we past the point of no return?

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