Track By Tracks: Chunked - Inhaling The Infestation (2024)

About the album as a whole (LYRICALLY & MUSICALLY):

This EP is a simple and effective type of death metal with no extra flair. Death Metal down to its core.


1. “Pulsing Excrement” is about a big ol’ pile of shit. The main focus of this track was to kick open the door with an instant hook and end with a slowed breakdown.

2. “Liquid Cranial Detonation” follows the topic of someone's brain and skull exploding. Simple as that. It is a short track that is meant to be a constant headbang.

3. “Concrete Veins” is a very literal song, being about veins made of concrete. It is a short but sweet track that dips heavy into the hardcore influence mentioned previously.

4. “Inhaling the Infestation” is a power ballad about a swarm of insects slowly taking over a human body, very painfully and meticulously. It is a well-structured and catchy track that will make your knuckles sink towards the ground and start grinding across the floor.

5. “Putridity” takes a different and a little more specific route than the other tracks. The lyrics describe a pile of strangled and dead elderly people who have been stacked and stored for months. Rotting and reeking. The usual.

6. “Submerged in Rotten Sewage” wraps up this EP following a similar structure as track 4. Once again, the lyrics are very literal to the song's name. They’re about getting submerged in slimy, rotting, thick, putrid sewage.

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