1. For Every Tears:

This song talks about someone we always have by our side, a kind of guardian who watches over us, someone who cannot be seen but felt!

When you face problems, whether bad or good, that being helps you choose your best decisions, and to know which path you should take. Those premonitions that make you take or reject life paths, we can think that that guardian is the one who tells us what to do even if we don't hear it.

It is a way of saying that we always have someone who supports and helps us on our path in life.

2. Gilded Cage:

Here we talk about a relationship between two people that is based on personal and mutual interest.

They are very complicated relationships since they have two faces that are opposite. They have the need to be together for some ambition, or simply because they do not want to be alone in life and above all to obtain something from each other. It is a relationship more of a mutual benefit than love.

This type of relationship not only exists in love but also in other areas such as friendship or work.

In short: a toxic relationship!

3. A Solitary Soul:

In this topic, we talk about a person who is alone in a world full of people but empty for them. This person may be like this for many reasons but she has learned to live in solitude and that solitude allows her to explore her thoughts, emotions, and dreams in the tranquility of her space without thinking or getting complicated by anything or anyone else.

4. Human Vultures:

In this topic, we wanted to teach people that we cannot forget the number of “wolves in sheep's clothing” that are usually around us. It is a story as old as the world, there will always be someone who speaks well to you, treats you well and who seems to be your friend, but if he can, he will take advantage of your weaknesses to seem much better than you.

You have to be very careful in life and not let yourself be fooled by those people who say they love you so much but are never there when you need them and if they can harm you, they do it.

5. Hear Their Cries:

It is a topic that addresses the suffering of animals and their inability to complain. The lack of communication between them and humans means that the latter believe they have all the power to do what they want without thinking about what the animals suffer for their family and their homes.

We treat animals with total injustice.

And special mention to those who treat their pets like family but forget about the other animals who lose them because of their ambitions.

We must think of everyone equally.
We all have the right to live in this world.

6. Closed Heart:

A theme that reflects the struggle of a person to love another, but it is something that is difficult and impossible for them to carry out.

He finds people he thinks he loves but as time passes he gets bored and can't take the definitive step.

His heart cannot take the last step since no one fully fills him.

Although she is happy and very loving with her people. That's enough for you!

7. Spreading The Wings Of Hope:

This theme presents a world in which there is a lot of evil but in which there is always that glimmer of light that gives you hope that everything can have a good ending, and that you can find the light at the end of the tunnel.

That in our being we are always capable of finding that feeling of hope that makes us continue fighting and continue believing in humanity.

People are very complicated beings and we live in a complicated world too, but there is always a moment to find that light that makes us continue.

8. Hope As Guide

This topic is very special for us. It is dedicated to our guitarist Dan Garcia. He had an accident that left him bedridden for a long time, and he had to learn to live again. Thanks to his family and his friends, he managed to get out of that rut and, above all, to improve and prosper in everything he has faced since that moment.
He is a fighter whom we love and admire very much.

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