Track By Tracks: The Headless Ghost - King Of Pain (2024)


The first song, as well as the album's title track, is a clear tribute to Mercyful Fate's first EP. Aurelio's solo clearly mentions a song like 'A Corpse Whitout Soul'. The text is very harsh and vulgar, deliberately so. We're talking about a serial killer who tortures and then kills "chosen" victims. As the album continues the lyrics will become more profound and introspective. The nursery rhyme sung by the little girl before the piece begins is a tribute to "Nightmare On Elm Street". The name of the song/album itself is a quote from the lyrics of 'Evil' by Mercyful Fate.


'Inside The Wall' has a decidedly thrashy attack, thanks to the drumming of Omar Capetti, a drummer who has played in several extreme metal and progressive bands. He is a very technical drummer who gave a very particular touch to all the songs. The lyrics are about the serial killer who places the corpses of his victims in the walls of his scary house.


'Whisper In The Dark' has an intro played by our guitarist (and concept creator) Albe. He's a jazz and fusion fan and wanted to play something creepy to get us into this song. The house rebels, possessed by the spirits of the dead, imprisoning the killer in a sort of purgatory on earth.


This song talks about the appearance of the ghost of a little girl, who stirs up memories buried in the killer's mind. Who is this little girl with blonde hair and a blood-stained dress? Musically the song is very progressive, with singer Steven Crow giving an incredible performance, showing all sides of his voice. The riffs are very incisive and heavy, with great guitar work and evocative solos.


We start again with some exchanges of solos, where the pair of axes Albe/Aurelio have fun leading the track. There is a splendid solo part by bassist Simone (already on the 4 strings of the legendary Drakkar). More solos, progressive cuts, and tons of riffs! In the text, the little girl begs the man to set the spirits of his victims free.


An atmospheric start for a piece that slowly takes off. An emotional crescendo and tension lead us to a modern riff, supported by dissonances, a very present bass, and a hypnotic and repetitive riff. A song that brings together modern metal and the proto-metal of the 70s. The text continues the dialogue between this little spirit and the killer. Little by little we understand who this (in the past) important figure is for this tormented man.


Omar on drums introduces this song with a massive and monolithic riff. You can hear echoes of Judas Priest in this track, with a truly crazy vocal performance by Steven. More classic metal, progressive, and tons of guitar solos. The man, convinced by the little girl, decides to burn everything, remaining in the house.


An airy, liberating, very emotional song. The house catches fire, taking away nightmares, hallucinations, perverse desires for revenge, and all those things that man wanted to do but never had the courage to commit. The man has never killed anyone, only dreaming of being able to take revenge on those he believed guilty of the death of his little... daughter. The album ends with the image of the man embracing the spirit of the little girl in the flames, finally finding relief and peace. A moving piece that opens with a solo by Albe and ends with a solo by Aurelio. Here ends the story of 'King Of Pain', a man prisoner of his hatred and his pain.

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