Track By Tracks: Hypersonic - Kaosmogonia (2024)

1. Ápeiron:

It’s an epic and cinematic intro that allows us to go inside the atmosphere of Kaosmogonia. This piece was created by the Italian composer Salvatore Reitano. The title comes from the ancient Greek. The philosopher Anaximander said that the Ápeiron represents the infinite, the unlimited. He defines it as the origin and principle of the universe.

2. Angels & Demons:

This song is a pure Symphonic Metal piece. It's fast, aggressive and powerful but with a melodic refrain in the classic Hypersonic trademark. “Angels & Demons” talks about the two faces of the human being, ‘cause we are all heaven and hell. We are angels & demons. The lyrics were written by Eleonora and Salvo.

3. Veil Of Insanity:

The lyrics were written by Emanuele. In this one, we sing about the madness of war in the Middle East. It seems incredible, almost prophetic if we look at this title because the song was written before the current conflict between Palestine and Israel broke out. It talks about the pain of a blood-stained land and mothers crying for their children, whether they are victims or executioners.

About music, this piece is dark and heavy with an arrangement that will make you experience the areas of the Middle East and the terrible state of the war. This one is performed by Adam Cook (A Hill To Die Upon) on grunts as a special guest.

4. Mother Earth:

This song is the manifesto of a human being. Even though the years pass, history repeats itself over time like a cycle, but each time nature's revenge on every distortion created by man is clear and evident. Man builds, sows, and then destroys but from the ashes, nature comes back to life. Thanks to her we can be reborn better.

Mother Earth represents the weaknesses and at the same time humanity’s hopes. On the musical side, it's a symphonic metal song with a melancholy chorus that you'll never forget while the lyrics were written by Emanuele.

5. You Bastard:

The lyrics, written by Emanuele, are about one of the worst nightmares that can happen to a father, the killing of a child's innocence: violence against his son. We wanted to imagine an angry father talking to the persecutor with feelings of madness, fear, and desperation.

This song is one of the most extreme on the album due to the heavy riffs, drums blast beats, and the featuring of the mighty Francesco Paoli from Fleshgod Apocalypse on vocals. The bridge of the song is performed by a real male choir of an opera house.

6. My Sacrifice:

The lyrics for this one were written by Eleonora and it tells about inner agonies, fears and phobias of soul. Fears that follow us in our lives and that we want to chase away. A lot of people are obsessed with their fears and they often withdraw into themselves trying to escape from this deep void. Often the only thing that matters is finding your own way, finding the light to be reborn as a spirit.

This song includes all the elements of Hypersonic's sound: great melodies, death metal blast beats fury, cinematic harmonies, and an unforgettable refrain performed by Salvo. We have the honor of having the great Mark Jansen from Epica as a special guest with his powerful grunts.

7. Alone:

This one is the first song written by Dario and talks about the loneliness of the soul. Loneliness is in fact a condition now almost within man. We are "among" people but we are never "with" people. This condition destroys the inside and scratches the human soul. But hope must prevail, the hope of a better world, the hope of living for others and together with others. Never alone, never abandoned.
About music, this isn’t a typical ballad; it’s melancholic, gothic, and dark featuring Italian cellist Luca Basile. We also quoted the words of a great poet of Italian literature, Dante Alighieri that you will discover by listening to the song.

8. Path Of Salvation:

The next one, written by Emanuele, is about the achievement of salvation, freedom, and human independence through a path shown by a father to his own son full of dangers and threats. Through the father’s teachings and protection, that's feed his seed by your soul, the son can reach the distant salvation’s island along the right way”. It’s a fast power metal song with an unforgettable refrain and a great duet between the singer Jo Lombardo as guest and Eleonora.

9. Against Myself:

This song focuses on the strong theme of depression and the inner saboteur, a part of an individual's personality that deliberately disrupts, delays, destroys, or hinders his own success. In the main section, you can hear a cry of desperation, a request for help towards one's conscience, looking for a way out: “I’m crying. I’m human, and don’t ask me why. Break all the chains and let me fly high”.

About music, it’s a power metal song in Hypersonic’s style with magniloquent choirs and a melancholy refrain. This piece was written by Emanuele.

10. Revelation:

This one is the most epic song on the album written by Salvo and Eleonora. It’s about what we have gone through in the recent past with the pandemic and what we still go through today with wars and everything related to our self-destruction as human beings: “Chaos has come and it will be a black storm. Virus again, acid rain Poison in my veins” On the musical side it’s a symphonic power metal anthem made up of many cinematic sections with the power of metal and final epic solos by guitar and keyboard.

11. Burning Inside:

The lyrics, written by Eleonora, talk about violence against women and the suffering they often silently carry within.

The fear that they feel inside and that they often keep secret is like a knife of thorns that bloodies their dignity. This short suite is full of symphony, metal riffs, charming arrangements and a very heartfelt vocal interpretation by Eleonora and the guest Emma Zoldan (Sirenia). The choice of a female guest was strongly desired, considering the theme.

Two other incredible guests grace the song: Nils Courbaron (Sirenia) performed a shred guitar solo in his perfect style and Francesco Ferrini from Fleshgod Apocalypse composes, plays the piano, and creates the orchestration in the final section of the song.

12. Anima:

This song represents all the suffering and darkness found within “Kaosmogonia”. It’s an instrumental piano piece composed by Salvo during the first day of lockdown ever and is made up of very dark horror-style chords and harmonies like Beethoven and Tchaikovsky. It's the perfect ending to the album.

13. Mother Earth (orch. version) - Bonus Track:

This bonus track is the orchestral version of our first single "Mother Earth". The piece explores the symphonic influences and cinematic skills of our composer and drummer Salvo Grasso.

The main theme of the song is explored in an orchestral dimension that allows the listener to perceive all the nuances of arrangements and composition.

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