Track By Tracks: iwatchyousleep - The Killing Of Character (2024)

1. In the Space Between Days:

An eerie introduction of the album; existing in a state of stupor before change is about to begin.

2. Tear to a Glass Eye: 

Asking forgiveness over permission and the consequences thereafter.

3. Never November:

Overcoming waves of bad happenings and loss.

4. Black Wire: 

A love letter.

5. The Burden:

Letting down your own walls and the fear of how you will be perceived after so many blows.

6. Twice Alive:

The story of Orpheus and Eurydice; going the ultimate distance for someone you care about.

7. Drenched Not Drowned:

A reflection on leaning on your vices.

8. Defying Sunsets:

Performing rituals for your own gain.

9. To Shreds:

Coming out on top after a long struggle; no remorse but not forgetting what you’ve learned.

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