Track By Tracks: Livernois - :ablation: (2024)

1. Beyond The Gate:

This one was written before the full band had been assembled, with the help of Benjamin Strange (U.F.O Deathcult). We wanted to simulate a descent into the void. The alien noises in the beginning and end are actually the sonic rendering of a painting called “Soul Owning” by Marrus, a New Orleans-based artist.

2. Tearcatcher Pt. II:

This is the oldest track on the album. It was written about confinement, and coping with situations out of your control. The lyrics were written at the tail end of the Satanic Panic, and people’s experiences during that time largely characterize the subject matter.

3. Tit For Tat:

I first started writing this song as I watched a car burn in the empty lot across the street from my bedroom window. It was meant to be a hypnotic journey into a battered and bruised psyche. This is my personal favorite off of the album.

4. Hekk Closet:

It began as an experimental piece with Kevin Grassington (Midnight Nightmare, Violet Void) in which we tried to fuse Metal and Witchhouse. Hence the 808 sequence. From there it sat in Limbo until Velvet Spade listened to it and wrote lyrics. Today it has become a crowd favorite at our shows.

5. Tearcatcher Pt. I:

This was another piece written with the help of Benjamin Strange and was the first ever officially released Livernois song. The goal was to transport the listener to an abandoned factory in a forgotten city. We wanted them to smell the smoke, taste the chemicals, and feel that at any moment they might get a limb ripped off in the machinery.

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