Track By Tracks: Lost In Exile - Deathbed Dreamer (2024)


Inches is a song of inner struggle. When you’re facing anxiety and disillusion, but you’re trying to talk yourself down. Sometimes our greatest enemy is ourself, and it can feel like standing at the bottom of a mountain looking upward. You’re trying to reach the summit to feel like yourself again but it only feels like you’re moving inches at a time.

2. All I Know:

The constant changes in society are expressed in “All I Know”. As we grow and navigate those changes it can so easily feel like you’ve become lost. With the powerful pull of social media it can be difficult for one to simply be an individual when all you know is dictated by a faceless mass, and it’s always changing.

3. Deathbed Dreamer:

In “Deathbed Dreamer” Matt (the vocalist) is cataloging an inner dialogue, and coming to terms with the clash of everyday life, and the ambition of creativity. Spending much of his life sharing the brightest and darkest moments of his life through music takes a toll. It can feel like you spend your whole life dreaming of creating something that will resonate with others, while still being pushed back into the societal machine of “all work and no play”. When the moment of finality comes, will we be satisfied with the mark we’ve left on the world? Are we all Deathbed Dreamers?

4. Tragedy:

As artists, we spend our whole life pouring ourselves into what we create. With our music being a big outlet for our deepest struggles, it can often be a type of therapy for us. In being vulnerable about our deepest fears and traumas, you open yourself up for anyone to scrutinize and criticize not only the music you create, but those very real emotions ingrained in every word, every note, and every melody. Tragedy is a song of inner closure. We share our deepest selves despite the fear of those criticisms, and in doing so, we embrace the focus put on our own struggle, to deal with, and defeat it.

5. The Long Night Calls:

This song refers to the daily burnout and the feeling of being unfulfilled. We all experience the struggle of managing daily life and our dreams. We know our time here is short, and we want to leave something for the world, and the ones closest to us to remember us by. The long Night Calls, and despite the great many differences in all of us, that fear of the end is something we all have in common.

6. Vengeance:

In our day-to-day lives, we all put on a “face” to show the world. Our deepest inner struggles are often hidden from everyone but ourselves and those closest to us. Vengeance is the feeling of self-doubt, anxiety, and depression that we all face, and it speaks to the bravery of those who reach out. We are always stronger together, though we often feel completely alone, living with our turmoil, all the while smiling for the world.

7. Epilogue 1: Ashes:

As a follow-up to “Vengeance” this song is about finally having the strength to ask for help, and to trust the people we cherish most with our deepest vulnerabilities. As artists, our music is how we share with you those vulnerabilities. We created songs about all of our darkest moments, and deepest despairs, knowing that it is very likely no one will ever hear them. The ones that do, however, will always know that they are not alone. Over time, the momentary pain will always turn to ashes, where mending can start and growth can begin again.

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