Track By Tracks: Milford Mocs & Gunther Cucs - Cremem Los Putos Bancs (2024)

1. Cremem los putos bancs:

A little bat named Murcegot is strolling through the park and wants to stop at a nearby bench, but notices that it's infested with woodworms. Then he decides to try another bench, which is also infested. When he encounters a third infested bench, he becomes so angry that he decides to burn all the benches down. It's a tongue-in-cheek song, as the words 'bank' and 'bench' in Catalan are homonyms. This is a pure crossover track, with traces of punk, thrash, and metal styles combined with a lot of anger.

This one is sung by Jordi. Because, indeed, in Mocs i Cucs we have two lead singers. Deal with it!

2. Ets repugnant:

A hard-rock style song with classic thrash riffs that notices the hypocrisy of those right-winged morons who call themselves Christians but never read a single verse of the Bible. Here begins the hate parade that sets the tone of the album. To be perfectly honest, we're quite fed up with everyone.

Here we have, once again, Jordi's voice during the verses. Guillem, however, takes care of the more melodic choruses.

3. Pengem el virrei:

A historical-based head-banger track that recounts the vengeance of some peasants against a viceroy. In this song, Guillem takes care of the lead vocals. Probably the heaviest and most aggressive song on the entire album, as well as one of our favorites live!

4. El candidat:

A radio-friendly 90s rock tune with lyrics criticizing Catalan politicians who run to be in the Spanish Senate. Guillem's voice is much cleaner and more melodic. We've always appreciated variety in music, and this piece serves as an important counterpoint to the rest of the album. Nonetheless, we like how it fits into the package.

5. Massa gent:

Simple and straightforward: too many people! The first single from the album, and a good representative of the spirit of this record. A concise, in-your-face track complaining about the excess of human garbage in this world. Notable are the group shouts. These take on the role of the chorus and are repeated hymnically throughout the song. Furthermore, the guitar solo touches you directly in the feelings.

6. L'edat dels ximpanzés:

A mix of hard-rock and thrash riffs adorned with the story of a guy who encounters the worst kind of humanoid bipeds and only wishes the worst death to them all. We've all come across it at some point, haven't we? Rude, greedy, violent, ignorant, and hypocritical people. Because deep down, everyone is crap.

7. Morirem tots!!!

This song has its own story. It's a reinterpretation of a song by Plowshare, a band where the founders of Mocs i Cucs had been involved. Originally sung by Jordi, now sung by Guillem. The production of the original always seemed disappointing to us, and this is our way of paying homage to our past and correcting technical mistakes. Absurdity and head-banger riffs meet in this weird and atmospheric track.

8. Astre guia 

A little ballad dedicated to the memory of R.M.R.C, mother of one band member.

9 Flegma i verms:

A slow-paced tune sustains a manifesto directed to whoever needs to hear it.

A hymn to resilience and determination, the two qualities that have kept the flame of Mocs i Cucs alive all these years. And what's even more important, we are more passionate than ever! Jordi’s vocals are rhythmic and almost prophetic, with an impetuous power that grow as the theme unfolds. The album was recorded in long takes, and it shows. It’s fucking rock’n roll!

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