Track By Tracks: PARADISE IN FLAMES - Blindness (2024)

About the album as a whole (LYRICALLY & MUSICALLY):

The album tells part of the story of a philosophical work that portrays religion as a psychological illness, illustrating how men become blind in the pursuit of power.

The entire musical structure creates an operatic scenario, where characters interact within a symphonic plot characterized by rapid pace and melodious themes.

Desolate World, The initial idea was to create a suspenseful atmosphere with the theme of the next song, so we referenced the most famous suspense song of all time in our opinion: Main title and First Victim from Jaws.

Concerto No6. in C Minor, Cold Spring, the name references Vivaldi as it is a violin orchestral song. The lyrics present the initial context of the story, describing a world desolate by the epidemic of an unknown disease that caused blindness.

Black Wings, A song that mixes Brazilian folk elements with a direct reference to forró (regional Brazilian musical style). It rescues the pre-epidemic period of history, presenting the protagonist: Black Wings and her life story.

Reasons to not Believe, Based on a piano piece, the song tells the story of how the protagonist managed to move forward and fight for her freedom of thought.

I fell the plague, Along with the song "The Cure," they are the most death/black on the album, presenting a blend of speed and melody. The lyrics introduce new characters and a crucial point in the plot.

The Priest, As a tribute to the band Batushka, whose name means "priest," we introduced the priest character into the plot. This incorporation was our method of blending Polish black metal elements with grindcore to evoke the atmosphere we envisioned for this story.

Endless night battle , The concept behind the lyrics was to depict an epic war, and we aimed for the music to reflect this theme. To achieve this, we combined symphonic elements with sections of intense true black metal (90’s), incorporating trumpets to announce the commencement of battle.

War Sonata, This song transports us back to the origins of symphonic black metal in the 2000s, and its lyrics evoke the tranquility of the post-war period, blending elements of blues and classical music.

Age of Death, The rawest and fastest song on the album, featuring striking elements of black metal, it presents the story of envisioning a return to the Dark Ages in today's world.

Angels & Devils, This song serves as a reverse association to the main theme of the album, acting as a counterpoint to the introduction. Like the first two songs, it features extensive violin orchestration and concludes the story with the suggestion that everything was merely a philosophical reflection within a dream.

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