Track By Tracks: Revenant - What A Time To Be Alive (2024)

1. "Coming Back To Life:

This was a song Sam had for the last six years and took one hour to write once the band had got around it. Lyrically it deals with getting out of a toxic relationship, listening to those around you, and getting yourself back on track. It’s a story about redemption.

A song about feeling worthless after a long-term relationship. You spend a huge chunk of your life with someone, all for them to just move on with a click of a finger. It made us wonder, how much of it was real? How much of it was the truth?

We’ve all experienced people going through struggles and this song is about almost losing someone you care about to mental health. Every song we write is from the heart but this one particularly so, it’s so personal and so poignant but with a happy ending – that person is still with us.

4. Draw The Lines:

This is a fun song – it’s about escaping your own head and having your friends around you to help in those situations. We thought it would be a cool idea to write from a western/cowboy viewpoint. There are 2 ripping solos in this from both Sam and Matt, which showcase their styles quite well.

Lyrically, Sam is so proud of this one. It focuses on 3 main aspects – time, home, and life and how they hold different spaces in our heads. We think it really speaks to everyone and is relatable on some level, coupled with crunchy guitars and a hot sauce solo.”

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