Track By Tracks: Sidus Atrum - Розірване Небо (Torn Sky) (2024)

1. Torn Sky:

In this song, we wanted to reproduce the atmosphere of February 24, 2022, when a full-scale invasion began. It was early morning when we woke up to explosions and car alarms. Still unable to believe what was happening, we tried unsuccessfully to fall back asleep. The day was filled with conflicting emotions, confusion, and disbelief, which found its reflection in the music. On this day, our world collapsed, our former life laid in ruins, and reality slowly enveloped us, indicating that tomorrow might not come. The torn sky spoke to us with the sounds of explosions and the air raid siren.

2. Коли Земля Кричала (When The Earth Was Screaming):

“When The Earth Was Screaming” was a response to the events that occurred in Bucha, Irpin, Gostomel, and other cities during the occupation in March 2022. When the truth was revealed after liberation, pain, and rage tore my heart into thousands of pieces. We felt the anger of the earth, screaming in pain that it gave birth to creatures capable of such cruel acts against innocent people, longing to draw them back into its embrace. Killed civilians, raped women and children, destroyed lives and homes. And the saddest thing is that both of them were her children.

3. Сталеві Янголи (Angels Of Steel):

This song was inspired by the defenders of Azovstal. Who are the people capable of enduring months under siege, saving others with their last strength, impressing with their resilience and strength of spirit? Those who are ready to sacrifice their lives for the existence and freedom of loved ones and even strangers, who challenge hell itself and hold this world on their steel wings. Will we ever be able to repay them for their superhuman efforts and priceless sacrifices?

4. Гірше За Ката (Worse Than The Torturer):

What could be worse than betrayal and the desire to profit from the blood of compatriots who defend the right to life and freedom of the country at the cost of their own lives? Unfortunately, such traitors have existed in all times, during every war; with their greed and despicable existence, they have destroyed many lives. And this is even worse than the blow of the enemy, as we already know their face. The most painful blow is dealt by those whom we rely on and trust. But the anger of broken hearts and betrayed souls will not let them exist peacefully in this world.

5. Чи Поглине Нас Темрява? (Will Darkness Swallow Us?):

The darkest night before dawn. Losing hope is the most terrifying thing that can happen during war; the light dims, there's no more strength to resist, the ground slips from beneath our feet. Do we have the right to do this? Will we allow the darkness to swallow us and become its helpless slaves, or will we find the strength within ourselves for one more step toward the dawn?

6. Пульс Життя (Pulse Of Life):

Our journey is nearing its end. In the unfathomable darkness, seemingly with no way out, there is always room for hope. Our future is determined by the choice we make every minute: life or death, growth or decay, compassion or cruelty, humanity or succumbing to base animal instincts and the desire to annihilate everything. The dawn of hope will come and bare our souls; millions will make their choice, life will prevail, dreams will bloom and rise, like stars on the horizon.

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