Track By Tracks: Valfreya - Dawn Of Reckoning (2024)

About the album as a whole (LYRICALLY & MUSICALLY):

Dawn of Reckoning is a concept album. The main theme revolves around the anger of the goddess Hel which plays the metaphorical role of a fatal justice towards a guilty humanity.

The songs convey this anger, but also a range of intense emotions related to the execution of humankind.

Musically, you will hear dark symphonies, epic choirs, and versatile vocals alongside tumultuous guitars and violin riffs.

Track by Track (LYRICALLY):

1. Dawn of Reckoning:

Epic symphonic introduction song which represents the apocalyptic imminent coming of the goddess Hel.

2. The Rise:

Lyrics: Hel is raising her army. Humanity had enough warnings. Its denial is its obsolescence. It is its turn to be threatened and face extinction.

3. Warcry:

Lyrics: Lyrics describing the upcoming epic battle between the army of death and humankind.

4. The Fate:

Lyrics: The lyrics explain that this extermination is in fact a chance The lyrics explain that this extermination is, in fact, a chance to rebuild a better, more respectful, and better-balanced world.

5. The Fall:

Lyrics: Hel is still threatening humankind as we hear the nostalgic answer of a human being, leaving this world with regret.

6. Equilibrium:

Lyrics: The universe reflects the absurdity of faith, false beliefs, and the stubborn nature of humans. They are not more important than other lives. They are not supreme. They are frail. They are damned.

7. The Fallen Kings:

Lyrics: It is the tale of humanity: why and how they failed.

8. A New Era:

Lyrics: It is the inauguration of a modern birth: the latest opportunity

9. Le périple:

Lyrics: A human’s life: Innocence, discovery, ambition, false ideas, lies... This being slowly realizes that humanity is not virtuous.

10. Reus es:

Lyrics: The title ‘’Reus es’’ means ‘’you are guilty’’. This is the end for humanity. The last scourge, the last affliction. Through this song you can hear the last words of a condemned person who’s accepting the fate of this filthy humanity.

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