Track By Tracks: VICOLO INFERNO - Circles (2024)

1. HIDDEN (introspective) Sometimes the mistakes of the past come back to memory, and the time that has passed over them has made them sweeter than we could expect, a blanket with which to warm the soul thinking about how many more we will make.

2. SUSPENDED - (social criticism) Society's attention span for any content or experience is a handful of seconds, but we are too complex stories to be summarized in a few words.

3. SNEEZE IN A MOB (social criticism) allergy to all behaviors that flaunt or pit us against each other... The fact that we have reached the awareness of not wanting to "dance this dance," resulting unpleasant to most... like a sneeze in the crowd.

4.10.000 PIECES - (introspective/metaphorical) Trying to put together all the pieces of life, we realize that we cannot complete the puzzle because some pieces are lost or now kept by other people who have shared our journey.

5. COLD SURFACE (introspective) the difficulty of two people in being on the same wavelength, sometimes ending up being "distant" even if in the same room.

6. WINE DROPS (romantic) part of the lyrics: "We are like two drops of wine, falling on each other, the red spreads, the truth flows from our lips."

7. THE GIFT - fantasy (observed by the moon contemplates the evolution of the human race and wonders if it is ready to receive "the gift" allegory of death)

8. GUMMY BEARS (funny) when you're compressed like a sugar cube and need to leave the day behind, drown your thoughts in the jar of gummy crocodiles, and you'll forget who you are.

9. HANDLE WITH SCARE (folklore) tells about the "smooth talker" of Casola Canina (district of Imola, our city) opportunistic healer who claimed to have the devil locked in the 3 jars he kept above the fireplace.

10- THE CIRCLE We are born surrounded by relatives and our mother's arms, but before ending the journey like an old Indian who moves away from the rest of the tribe not to be a burden... we have emotions and experiences to convey to young ears.

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