Band Biographies: Aydra

AydrA path begins in the ‘80s in Italy under the name Hydra as a Power/Thrash Metal band. In the early ‘90s, the band shifted to more and more extreme territories, publishing two demos and the first EP as AydrA in 1996 (Psycho Pain Control). Years of intense live activity followed, opening for several national acts until the release of “Icon of Sin” (their first full-length) in 1999, which established their definitive direction as a Technical/Progressive Death Metal band. Growing popularity led to more live gigs for international acts as well (Napalm Death, Avulsed, etc.), and in 2004 the band finally released their second full-length “Hyperlogical Non- Sense”, becoming one of the main references for the Italian extreme Metal scene. Line-up changes unfortunately led to a long hiatus in 2007, but AydrA is officially active again since 2013. Currently working with Rude Awakening Records to reissue their complete discography (re-releases and unpublished material) and also their comeback album which will see the light in late 2024.
AydrA 2024 line-up:
Mauro Pacetti – Vocals
Giuseppe Cardamone – Guitar
Luca Calò – Guitar
Andrea Mastromarco – Bass
Marco Bianchella – Drums
You can find AydrA on:

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