The Swedish rock monster CHUCK NORRIS EXPERIMENT is celebrating 20 years with their brand-new studio album “20” which will be released in July 2024, by Ghost Highway Recordings (ES) and Savage Magic Records (US). Most of 2023 was spent writing the new album, and now the band is ready to hit the road on their “20-year anniversary world tour 2024”.

The songs are leaning more towards classic hard rock than the band's previous albums, and tracks like “Hot Damn” & “The Knife” will open up a new line for the Chuckies on the rock’n’roll highway. Hold fast, hold tight… The Chuck Norris Experiment is back!

CHUCK NORRIS EXPERIMENT has spent a lot of time on the European and American roads headlining tours and blowing festivals the last few years and has shared stage with a bunch of great bands like Supersuckers, Turbonegro, Peter Pan Speedrock, Mondo Generator, Massendefekt, Exploited, V8 Wankers, Electric Eel Shock, Adam West, Hard-Ons, Dozer, Meteors, Trail Of Dead, Bombshell Rocks and many more.

The dates and venues for 2024/2025 are being set right now, so if you are one lucky cat, they just might rock out somewhere near your hometown.

CHUCK NORRIS EXPERIMENT has left a trail of CDs, LPs, singles, comps & tributes behind them during the years and they shared vinyl or CD -space with bands like Hellacopters, Sator, Nomads, Backyard Babies, Electric Frankenstein, Mad Sin, Bones, V8 Wankers, Twisted Sister, Mondo Generator, Danko Jones etc. Most of those releases are long gone, but the band promises to keep on releasing singles and albums like there is no tomorrow.

The band name CHUCK NORRIS EXPERIMENT is often believed to have been taken after the US martial arts champion Chuck Norris. But as all true believers and lovers of Rock’n’roll know, the band name is a tribute to the legendary American blues guitarist Charles “Chuck” Norris, who recorded the classic live album “Los Angeles Flash” in the band’s hometown Gothenburg on June 25, 1980.

The band:

Chuck Ransom – Vocals
Chuck the Ripper – Guitar
Chuck Dakota – Bass
Chuck Buzz – Drums
Chuck Daniels - Guitar
Chuck Rooster – Guitar

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