Band Biographies: Pythagoras

Members: Ian Espinosa (guitar), Etienne Bouyer (bass), Dylan Cutler (Drums), Juan Morales (guitar), Andy Henriquez (vocals).
Band History: I founded Pythagoras in 2016. Put actual flies up at a local music store that sold all kinds of musical instruments called Gilmore Music. Tien (Etienne) and our original drummer Andy Arroyo who both worked at Gilmore Music responded. One of our friends (Marshall Insley) who ended up passing away in a motorcycle accident was our vocalist for a little while. The lineup changed after a couple years or so to what it is now minus Juan our second guitarist who joined summer 2022.
Albums: Our first EP 'Active Shooter' was released in 2019, our second EP 'Killdozer Rampage' released in 2020. Both EPs were recorded and produced by Luis Rentaria in Long Beach. Our first LP 'Machine Head Strangulation'was recorded and produced by Art Paiz in West Covina at Primal Sound Studios.
Shows: Recently opened for Cryptopsy at Reggie's in Chicago, as well as opening for Psycroptic at Warehouse 1720 in Los Angeles.

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