Band Biographies: Vast Pyre

At the end of 2021, Försti (guitar) and Wally (drums, vocals) were in the mood and got together to jam to some Stoner/Doom tunes from Electric Wizard, Black Sabbath, Sleep, etc., and hung out from time to time. Genre-specific, they knew what they wanted. After some sessions and finding the right sound, they concentrated on writing their own songs - a few ideas got discarded. Bit by bit, they extended their backline/equipment in the rehearsal room, because they needed to add more low-end to the guitar. In the end, a huge backline drove their sound, and they decided not to put in any bass guitar as an instrument separately: they just wanted to make "guitar-only" music. Later, their friend Jonny (lead guitar) joined the band at the end of 2022. Henceforth, the songs were rearranged and fine-tuned. In August 2023 Vast Pyre opened for the Festival "Burgbrand Open Air" and shared the stage with bands like EREMIT and INDIAN NIGHTMARE, to name just a few. That should be the only concert they played that year, because first, they wanted to record/mix their stuff, which they eventually did from November 2023 to February this year.

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