Band Biographies: Void King

Void King, a luminary force in the realm of heavy music for more than a decade, transcends mere mortal soundwaves. Their saga unfolds against a backdrop of amplifiers and fog, where the ethereal meets the visceral.

Founded in the crucible of Indianapolis, Indiana, Void Kingl blends stoner rock and doom metal in a way that defies earthly boundaries. Led by the resonant voice of Jason Kindred, their sonic pilgrimage began—a quest to channel cosmic energies through their instruments.

Band Members:

1. Jason Kindred (Vocals): His voice, a conduit for ancient echoes, weaves tales of forgotten gods and lost civilizations. His timbre resonates with both sorrow and defiance.

2. Tommy Miller (Electric Guitar): The strings of his guitar are imbued with celestial fire. His riffs—majestic and mournful—speak of cosmic cataclysms and astral wanderings.

3. Chris Carroll (Bass Guitar): The heartbeat of Void King, his basslines pulse like signals to other worlds.

4. Derek Felix (Percussion): His drums are thunderstorms, primal and unyielding. With each beat, he summons tempests and quakes, invoking the very elements.


The Hidden Hymnal 2 (2024) - Coming soon on Argonauta . A concept record based on the idea of infinite timelines, endless reformation, and the final annihilation of everything.

The Hidden Hymnal (2023): The first half of a two part series. The figurative yin to part 2’s musical yang. Songs built on personal revelation, experiences, and old fashion rock and roll.

“Barren Dominion” (2019): A sonic pilgrimage through desolate landscapes, where titans clash and stars weep. Each track a chapter in the voyage to find one’s self.

“There Is Nothing” (2016): An invocation to the void—a hymn for those who seek solace beyond the mundane. The riff is the calling.

“Zep Tepi” EP (2015) - The three songs that launched the proverbial Void King ship.

The Live Experience:

Followers gather in dimly lit venues, shrouded in fog. The faithful raise their hands, eyes closed, as if reaching for salvation. Void King’s live rituals are transcendent—an invitation to commune with the numinous. The air vibrates with the collective pulse of believers and the thrum of burning amplifiers. The sudden blast of white, pure light exists to bring the listener to the promised land. Void King’s mission transcends mere entertainment. Their music is a portal—a gateway to other dimensions. When you listen, you’re not an audience; you’re an initiate. Let the volume compel you forward, into the heart of the riff.

Void King’s journey continues, guided by unseen hands. They traverse the astral highways, seeking new chords, new revelations. Their legacy? Carved in stone and etched in stardust. As long as there are ears to hear, they shall echo across the ages.

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