Behind The Artworks: Aeons - The Ghosts Of What We Knew (2024)

For any artwork we produce for Aeons, whether it's posters, merch, or album covers, we try and choose an image that captures the themes present in our music.
For us, THE GHOSTS OF WHAT WE KNEW is about loss. Loss of life, loss of innocence, even loss of an entire civilisation. The Aztec Sun Stone was an obvious starting point for the cover art, not only due to the parallels with album closer COLLAPSE, but because of it's association with things lost, buried in time, of which we have only fragments left.
The image too was perfect for imprinting our own mythology onto. Each song on THE GHOSTS OF WHAT WE KNEW is represented in the inner ring of the sun stone, with a central image that could well represent Aeons as a whole- an explorer of the cosmos, lost to time, waiting to be found.
From vocalist Skip Hilton's initial sketches and design, Isle of Man-based artist Adam Berry produced an intricate Sun Stone representing the album as a whole. With final colouration by guitarist/vocalist Si Harvey, it is an emblem of ourselves and an invitation to you. Come inside, listen closely, and find what has been lost - THE GHOSTS OF WHAT WE KNEW.

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