Behind The Artworks: Sykofant - Sykofant (2024)

For the artwork of our upcoming debut album, set to release on May 31st, we collaborated with Italian artist Morena Bosiglau. In our search for the perfect artist, we scoured the internet until we found Morena and instantly fell in love with her style. Her approach to blending retro and modern elements resonated deeply with our own musical aesthetic, making her the ideal choice for this project.
Upon connecting with Morena, we granted her full artistic freedom. We discussed the lyrical themes, concepts, and symbols for each song, tasked her with creating artwork for the cover and each of the six tracks. Morena immersed herself in the music and its narrative, ensuring her visual interpretations accurately reflected the auditory experience. For each track, she developed a specific color palette and environment, carefully chosen to match the song's mood and thematic content, resulting in a cohesive and captivating visual journey.

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