Behind The Scenes: Attractive Chaos - Words On A Letter (Official Video)

Words on a Letter is the first extract from our new EP "Tame and Conquer" which will be released on August 14, 2024.
The lyrics of the track are inspired by a poem written by a member of Emma's family who asked her to put it to music many years after writing it. The poem deals with the personal story of this person, a solitary fisherman who falls in love and who opens his heart through verses written by the sea.
The band took advantage of its performance at Bosa in Rock festival in May 2023, in the city of Bosa in Sardinia (Italy) to shoot the images for this video. The stage was set up directly on the Temo River among the boats, a perfect setting to illustrate the lyrics of the song. Our second wish, with this video, is to highlight this young and ambitious festival and thank the organisers for inviting us to this incredible event. The camera crew did well in capturing the most intense moments of the show and the backstage. Andrea Kondra, the movie maker, managed to pick the best of them, delivering a lot of feelings to the video.

Words on a Letter is certainly the most emotional song written by Attractive Chaos to date.

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