Behind The Scenes: Chiral - In The Company Of Wolves (Official Video)

When we first began working on the song. In the company of wolves. We always had the imagery of little red riding hood as a character. We also imitated the sounds of wolves through the instrumentation and the movement of the characters through the music. Telling the story with sound first. We thought it would be cool if we had a twist on the original story.
Our inspiration was taken from a mixture of various sources for the video. We liked the idea of having the video in Pantomime style. So we shot the video in a theatre. We talked About imagery from old movies such as Nesforatu. Tales from the crypt and the evil dead. The wolves were based of eyes wide shut. We shot the entire video With the old backlighting technique that would have been used in the wizard of Oz movies.
The entire video is a twist on the older original versions of the fairytale, little red riding hood. Of course with the Chiral twist on the end, where Red takes her back her revenge regains her power as young woman overcoming the wicked wolves taking away her innocence and purity.

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