Behind The Scenes: Lark - Mesmerize Me (Official Video)

We thought about such an animated video even earlier than we started making our first one to the first single “In Whose Name”, but we could not find the right producer. We also needed to choose a song with a suitable story to be drawn. When after researching we found Michal Kwiatkowski we picked "Mesmerize Me" because we really like the script for this song that he proposed to us. We started from the draft as enclosed, which was the base of the discussion. Michal turned out to be very creative, giving also to us a new prospect of the song. We believe that our fans will like it and if so, we would like to continue our cooperation with Michal. We consider that the world is changing very quickly, becoming more and more modern, being “conquered” by new technologies, that's why we as a band should also look for what progress brings to us. The time of MTV has already passed, and fans want the bands they like to follow on new trends. Of course, it doesn't mean that we do something despite ourselves, not at all, we only want to use modern means of communication. For now, we are very curious how our fans will find the new video. Have fun!

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