Behind The Tracks: Vallory Falls - To Save You (Single) (2024)

Meghan had this ska type chord progression she plays over the second verse of "To Save You" that's completely out of nowhere and sounds awesome.
To Save You almost wasn't on the album, actually. Pretty wild that it's not only going to be on it but that it's also the title track because that song is 4 years old! We had been trying to name the album and up until that point I had this Mark Twain quote, but it wasn't quite hitting me right. "To Save You" was the last song I had written before my previous band broke up. It was a pretty emotional time for me, and in a way was sort of right in the middle of this pretty arduous episode of shit I was going through for a while prior. Turns out, it perfectly sums up a lot of the themes of the other music we had been working on. I was stoked that not only was my band on board, but also that the entire identity of the album subsequently became entwined with this track that meant so much to me when I had written it. It's a lot to do with spreading yourself too thin, and becoming so complacent with being used but recognizing it's just a moment in time. I was working a job I completely hated. I was staying up until 2 AM every night trying to resolve other people's problems for them and receiving nothing in return, saving face at bars in Salem. But then there's the line in the chorus where the situation is kind of accepted for what it is, where the crux of the album is realized: "I think inside and know / that everything is alright."

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