Behind The Tracks/Scenes: Solitary - Settle Scores The Old Way (Single/Official Video) (2024)

When we'd finished the music for 'Settle Scores The Old Way' all of us kinda thought it was okay. It was one of those songs that you think nothing of until you hear the final mix and realize that you've created a monster!

Lyrically I've always been amused by the videos of blokes offering each other out, so naturally you then get to see the actual fights and how utterly brutal they are - so the subject definitely fits with the music. And in all honesty, for hundreds of years, fellas have been sorting out their differences by having a straightener and it's no different today - it's just that there are people making money out of it.

We shot the video in a location that we felt looked like the sort of place a dust-up would take place - there were loads of floorboards strewn around with massive nails sticking out of them, we had to be pretty careful plus we'd get covered in dust if we touched anything as the building was being renovated.

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