Track By Tracks: AURO CONTROL - The Harp (2024)

The album as a whole

A big surprise coming from Brazil. The Harp is a debut album that presents a new but mature band in terms of compositions, beautiful choruses, and good melodic ideas. Very technical, high-level musicians combined with a great production, show a work that makes the listener wander between the classics of Power Metal and the rhythms of northeastern Brazil.

Track by track

1. Feel The Fire:

A classic Power Metal introd inspired by the traditional rhythms of Axé, from northeastern Brazil. With fast guitar riffs and striking duets. The song talks about leaving the past behind and how we are no longer the same.

2. Not Alone:

A powerful percussive intro with modern tones and headbanging riffs. The catchy chorus and the epic solo asked for a special guest to enhance the song even more. Not Alone is one of the favorites of most of the members. It is in this song that Lucas de Ouro performs a duet with Jeff Scott Soto, one of his great references as a vocalist.

3. Rise Of the Phoenix:

The fastest song on the entire album. with overwhelming great drums recorded by Aquiles Priester (W.A.S.P.). Rise is the band's first single and a song that shows the virtuosity of all the band's musicians.

4. The Harp:

The album's title track is a song with a lot of remarkable moments. Speed metal, a heavy and melodious verse, and a great contrast of Aiace's angelical voice and Lucas de Ouro's powerful voice. The song is marked by the bass duel between Felipe Andreolli (Angra) and our bassist Thiago Baumgartem in one of the longest bass solos ever made.

5. Afterglow:

The song that gave birth to the entire project of the band focused on heavy and classic speed metal, is a song for mosh pit! Certainly music with a great chorus and incredible guitar duels between the virtuosos Lucas Barnery and Diego Pires.

6. Head Up High:

This song portrays the importance of people seeing themselves through different eyes/perspectives without the weight of their own judgment. Starting with the chorus, the song goes through moments of melodic and progressive metal parts without losing the balance and shiny characteristics of the melodious sounds.

7. Conception:

A song that shows different aspects and influences from the band members. A more rhythmic ballad but with a vibrant side coming from Hard Rock. A composition by the bassist Thiago Baumgarten and remarkable lyrics showing that love transcends time in all forms.

8. Runner:

An apotheotic idea composed by our guitarist Diego Pires. A speed song with catchy and paced melodies and chorus, just like a Runner goes on its way. For sure, a chorus that inspires others to sing along after the first listen. Runner is one of the best songs to be performed live.

9. Breaking Silence:

A sample of the full potential of the band composed by Lucas Barnery. Complex and with many references to the rhythms from Bahia/Brazil, Breaking Silence has remarkable riffs, verses, and an explosive chorus. Breaking Silence is the quintessence of the fusion between Metal and Baiana music.

10. Inside the Mirror:

The band's progressive ballad brings different moments, with stunning vocal lines that reinforce the idea that you are capable of finding light in the midst of your own shadows. One of the most emotive solos and the most explosive ending, where Lucas de Ouro show all his talent and breathtaking tone.

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