Track By Tracks: Culled - Psycles (2024)

The EP as a whole (LYRICALLY & MUSICALLY): Like the cover art the album deals with oppression and cycles of addition, be it drugs, power or religion. Similar to how our debut release “Thin the Herd, Fail to Learn” leaned heavily on the intellectual teachings of Noam Chomsky “Psycles” leans on the compassionate thoughts of fellow Canadian Gabor Mate where empathy is a mainstay in surviving our current traumatic political climate.


1. The Trauma of History:

We wanted the intro of this song to tie into the end of our previous release “Thin the Herd, Fail to Learn” and kick of the theme of this EP of overcoming adversity and oppression by not ignoring our past, but understanding how the trauma of the past has shaped our current landscape, to learn from it. Only then can we break the endless cycle of repetition and revenge and grow through empathy and compassion.

Musically it’s the longest track on the album which embraces the band's philosophy of combining elements of chaotic grind with doom-laden sludge in which we feel the contrast between the elements amplifies the intensity and urgency when combined and solidifies the lyrical theme.

2. Psycles:

This song directly addresses pharmaceutical profiteering harvested from the pain and torment of our traumatic past. Leaving society weakened, and so addicted that they cannot recognize how they are being manipulated let alone organize to stand up against the tyranny being thrust upon them. Musically focused to be quick and intense mirroring the anxiety one feels to silence the voices of trauma that arise without that next fix.

3. Coercion:

Corruption is the core of authoritarianism and is an essential need of our society, and our one true religion. Musically we wanted a mid-paced groove in the middle of the EP to give a touch of rest from the chaos and a repeating theme that can bring the message home.

4. Halo of Flies:

Our lead track and another quick and intense battering. Directly addressing the harms and trauma caused by the patriarchy and our collective roles in it. It goes beyond the history of harm, and oppression of 50% of our society but also addresses the manipulation to propagate the myth that a majority of our society needs to be subservient to our masters who have been gifted privilege by simply being born in the right color, shape and righteous area of the world.

5. Excision (Lost Cause):

The closing track to the EP brings back the main musical direction of the band with contrasts of chaotic speed with slow sludging beats. Thematically we wanted to bring home the need for empathy to help end the division rampant in our culture. Only by understanding that oppositional views have been driven into us and passed down by generations of trauma and manipulation can we begin to collectively heal. No healing can come just from the amputation of our problems, in fact, this can cause even more harm and propagate the cycles of repetition. Elements of our society are not just a lost cause because they embrace the fear pounded into them or once opposed and oppressed others, but they can be turned around through empathy bringing out their humanity. We really wanted to bring this message home via slow doom-laden repetition, to amplify the message and hopefully effect change in the listener and motivate them to act.

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