Track By Tracks: Dead7 - All Time Does Is Pass And All I Do Is Remember (2024)

1. Two lives:

“two lives” stems from the idea of two people in a relationship. It ties to the idea of being bad for someone. Feeling like you’re holding them back from achieving what they want. And when they’re going after what they want, they’re not only gambling with their life but their partner’s. “two lives” culminate in the fear of losing someone over changing yourself.

2. Let me drown:

“let me drown” is a track that expresses the feelings of being incredibly overwhelmed with life. That every day you’re pushing on but you feel like you’re drowning. Even with the love and support from anyone in your life, you find comfort in the idea of the end.

3. God’s eye:

“god’s eye” explores the thoughts of death that people face. How some people choose to go through with taking their own lives, and how some live with thoughts like these every day. No matter your life, you constantly wonder what happens when you go…and wish that you could see what happens when you do.

4. Weather:

“weather” focuses on the duality of trying to love yourself. Wondering how you can go on with fixing the things you don’t like about yourself, when so many people love you for who you are. That if you learn to fix the things you don’t like about yourself, you’ll lose the person that everyone in your life has grown to love. 

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