Track By Tracks: DISLIMN - Esmee (2024)

Esmee is a concept album that we’ve composed, or we could even say that we wrote it like a book. We tell the story of Esmee, a character that we’ve created, who’s dealing with chronic anxiety.


The Ep starts with “Anxiety”, in which we personified the Anxiety and made it talk. At first, it seems like a calm and comforting voice in Esmee’s mind, but as the song goes on, it unfolds its true nature, and we witness it taking hold of Esmee, until convincing her that she doesn’t belong in this world. We’ve composed and written it in such a way that there are several stages and a constant evolution, building up as the Anxiety takes a stronger hold of Esmee’s spirit.


Our character starts giving up in the next song, in which she writes a letter to confess her dark thoughts. This time, it’s Esmee who is speaking. Our idea here was to communicate, through Esmee, words and thoughts that we all had at some point in our lives. The first part of the song is slow, building up gently, until the end of the open letter, where Esmee truly gives up. The second part is much heavier and more intense, it’s Esmee’s dramatic descent into hell. When we play this song live, Alix, our singer, joins the instrumental part by playing on a floor tom, in order to follow the accents played by Florent (Guitar) and Basile (Drums), at the top of the singing of course.


Gullfoss is our instrumental song, and it separates our EP into two parts: The fall, and the Rise. This song represents Esmee's fight with herself, all the journey she’s going through dealing with Anxiety. The richness and intensity of the song is, to us, a great representation of the overloading state of mind, the overthinking that we're all going through when we deal with anxiety.


We’re now out of Gullfoss, and we find Esmee tired, bored to live another day. Like in our song “Esmee” 's Story”, this song is divided into two parts: the first part where she doesn’t see a way out of her situation, she doesn’t know how to escape the grasp of Anxiety. In the second verse, Esmee is alone, and a spirit comes to show her the way, to tell her that the solution she seeks is within herself. From there starts the second part: Esmee decides to fight for her freedom. “In My Mind” is probably the song that displays the most of all of our musical universes. It’s also a song that has a profound meaning to us, because once again, in DISLIMN, we’ve all fought our way through such a situation. We’ve all experienced despair, deep sadness, and a great loss of interest in life, and we all realized that the answers were closer than we expected.


Release Me is our strongest hymn, it’s the final chapter, the section of the EP where Esmee fights back. It’s also our richest and longest song, with a great crescendo halfway through, adding layers of guitars, percussions, and synths as the song goes, until reaching the great final, an explosion of feeling that will last for a couple minutes. Release Me is by far the song that gets the most reactions out of the audience. It’s also such a powerful song for us to play, because it feels like we can finally release all the emotions that we’ve been accumulating through the set, and we wanted this music to have this effect in our EP.

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