Track By Tracks: Eternal Drak - Imprisoned Souls (2024)

About the album as a whole (LYRICALLY & MUSICALLY):

The album describes a horror story between thrash, black, and death, from how the spirits were trapped, through several of the anecdotes that the residents of this enchanted place experienced but also possible points of view of the spirits that are trapped.


1. Soul Of Hate:

Theme that marks the beginning of the album with some fast thrash drums and guitars. The song describes a type of soul that is condemned for being full of anger towards whatever it is, this anger does not allow them to leave this plane.

2. Circle Of Black Flames:

Black theme with touches of doom that talks about the transition that souls have when they are condemned, they do not see an intense light but a black ring of flames that transports them through their condemnation.

3. She Is A Magnet:

A song that mostly belongs to the old and classic metal of the Venom style, but its rhythmic beats and the shape of the voice make it fall into Motor Head-style hard rock. The song tells the story of a woman who all her life has attracted condemned souls to her and how the souls perceive her as a light among the darkness.

4. Haunting Place:

Catchy track with very Groovy drums and a touch of thrash. The song describes the place where the vast majority of the anecdotes occur, a 19th-century house where many beings were trapped and the living were tormented.

5. Oda A La Luna (Re Recorded):

This song is a re-recording of a song originally recorded in 2000 and that belongs to the band's first EP "La Resurreccion De La Orden Guerrera". This song belongs to the black metal of the 90s and is an ode to the moon and to some ancestral beings who, after their battle with God, were banished to our world and transmitted a large part of their knowledge to us.

6. Take No Prisoners:

Theme with a lot of more modern black metal style with some forays into thrash. The song tells the story of a battle for independence in the 19th century where an ambush created too many losses and deaths that were taken to the house where the paranormal acts currently occur.

7. The Woman In Sandals:

Black metal song a little doom and a little rock & roll. It is the story of a woman who, after the battle, dedicated herself to taking the very wounded officers inside the house to give them care. This woman, after she died, continued repeating this action, trapped by her desire to help.

8. The Mist:

Theme with a great presence of Thrash metal that tells how on the nights when the fog descends from the mountains, the living beings that live in that house group together to be able to better cope with the events that they know will occur.

9. Feasting The Anguish:

Classic thrash black metal theme. The theme describes an evil entity in charge of keeping condemned souls in their state of desperation and constant search for communication with the living.

10. Bound By Ambition:

Black metal theme that tells the story of some officers who at the time of death only thought about preserving their material assets and that ambition condemns them to remain trapped in that desire and ambition.

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