Track By Tracks: Fear Lab - Alien (2024)

1. Alien:

This song is very personal and reflects the difficulty of finding your place in society. If you don't fit into any box and still don't want to be completely alone, then you can feel like an alien. You feel excluded from the world and float in weightlessness, and yet that doesn't necessarily feel wrong. When you watch the news every day and see all the bad things that people do to each other, do you really want to be a part of it?

2. My Enemy:

Sometimes in life, you have to come to terms with the fact that you don't just make friends with who you are, what you do, and how you act. You can't and don't want to please everyone. Something good can even come out of enmity, you can grow from it and develop further. The most important thing is not to go to war straight away, but to simply leave your enemies behind, get on with your own thing, and leave it all behind you.

3. Prison:

The prison in your own head can slow you down enormously from being yourself, from being free. If you are trapped in thought spirals, you will eventually reach the point where you have to break out. Stop all the overthinking and find the courage to enter into a new situation without worry. Don't let all the thoughts consume you.

4. No Tomorrow:

The sun doesn't always shine, sometimes you feel like you're being chased by rain clouds. In such dark times, it can quickly happen that you lose all hope for a tomorrow. When heartache and depression are eating you up, it's good to just cry it out. Even if you think you're all alone, your cries will be heard. Confide in someone, talk about it. You are never alone.

5. Co Mowisz:

Poland is my second home (Michael Git / Voc) and it was very important to me as an artist to write a song in Polish, but at the time I didn't know what topic I should address.

When I visited the country again I noticed that a change had taken place, the song is a sign of more tolerance and acceptance from society for those who are different and want to be different. Hate, violence, and intolerance already rule the world.

6. Black Spider:

The song Black Spider is about paranoid thoughts, fears, and complexes. A topic that is always present, many know about these abysses in life, but aren't we all a little paranoid?

Is the spider in my house still in the same place or is it already behind me?

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