Track By Tracks: GUTRICYDE - Desires Of The Morbid (2024)

1. The Crooked Man:

Is an old nursery rhyme. The most recent depiction of the character is from the movie "Conjuring 2"

2. Choked WYOFG:

Was inspired by the thought of ripping the innards from a pedophile and choking them out "Choked With Your Own Fucking Guts"

3. Desires of the Morbid:

Is about an individual that has been rejected their whole life. This rejection manifests into an extreme hatred and the morbid desires metastasize their inner feelings into horrific acts unto those who have rejected them

4. Leather Peel:

Is an old Roman torture, where the guilty parties' skin was peeled from their body while still alive. Something every human that preys on other humans should get to experience

5. Slain in A Cellar:

This track idea which is on one of our T-shirts, is the meticulous butchering of a pedophile. Dragged into a cellar by none other than our mascot "Gutty The Butcher", and slowly slain while kept conscious to experience the slaying of their own existence.


Once again, this track is based on draining all life from human scum that prey on others

7. Killer Instinct:

This track is about vigilante killers operating under the radar of the law, who have a natural instinct to prey on those who prey on others.

8. Infinite Misery:

Living with a horrible genetic disorder, the victim of the disease is forever in misery. The caveat, however, is they are able to infect others at will, typically others who deserve to suffer for deeds they have committed.

9. From The Neck Down:

Kept intact and consciously aware from the neck up, everything "From The Neck Down" is painstakingly melted, burned, and torn off.

10. Soul Grinder:

The inspiration for this track came from the most recent "Evil Dead" movie. Probably our favorite track off of this LP

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