Track By Tracks: Loyalty Ends Here - Darkest Red (2024)

1. Sea of Harlots:

This song represents being unable to let go of unhealthy relationships. Being blind to the situation as is and still holding on to what is falsely believed to be worth holding on to. Being lied to, misled, and gaslighted while realizing this but still holding on to it. Giving everything at the cost of yourself. To the point where one screams for help but isn’t heard, especially by a loved one.

2. Deadweight:

Deadweight is a song about Richard’s personal hell but with a more positive message.

The song represents a point in his life where he came to the realization he couldn’t continue and decided to cut the links and let go. It’s about finally being able to choose for themselves instead of pleasing others. “If we love through these flames, we're condemned to wear these chains” is a line that represents the entire song pretty well.

3. Medicate Me For Silence:

This one is about losing yourself into depression, where the voices get too loud.

A song about being stuck, not able to get away from the voice in one’s head. It is also about adjusting to your surroundings. Wearing a mask will ultimately come with a price.

4. The Darkest Red:

The Darkest Red is about a toxic relationship you can lose yourself into, but where there are moments of clarity. The darkest red stands for a passionate love that feels intense while struggling to keep it healthy.

5. Testament:

The name gives it away.

This is a song about finally seeing clearly and steering away from whatever causes grief, pain, unhappiness., etc. The realization that it can’t go on and say goodbye to such things.

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