Track By Tracks: Mourning Veil - Heresy Code (2024)

Album as a whole (LYRICALLY & MUSICALLY):

The album is a soundscape that reaches from the classical guitar to gravity blast beats, filled with intricate riffs and searing solos of both the guitar and bass variety, topped with unrelenting vocals, and cemented with a precise and intuitive drum performance. The album title says it all, with themes of war, power, control, subversion, and heresy.

Track by track (LYRICALLY & MUSICALLY):

Gnostic Deceiver is a track more on the black metal side, with a theme questioning authority and the responsibility of thinking for yourself

Lethal Intentions is a track on the thrashier side and is the shortest but one of the more intense tracks on the album. Lyrically it delves into the reality of those in power who make choices that impact the world, yet escape accountability for those devastated

Feast Of Malice is a mixture of melodic black metal and our more technical side, referring to the fact that it seems like not a single day can go by in the world without the bloodthirsty getting their fix

Closing In is the best display of our technical side with black metal sprinkled all over, with a theme of the enforcement of beliefs or ideology and the results of unwilling acceptance

Psychogenic Death is another thrashy song that is constantly shifting through subgenres, dealing with the topic of psychogenic death and the effect of the overbearance of technology and algorithmic propaganda

Heresy Code is our take on a blackened slam song and the heaviest song on the album. As the title track it talks about the importance of heresy in a society to question authority and the potential consequences that come with it

Before The Clutches is a relentless blackened death metal track about the entertainment of vice and the devolvement that leads to

Conspirators of Atrocity is a three-part song that encompasses all of the musical and lyrical themes into a 12-minute experience, almost like a TLDR for the album.

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