Track By Tracks: Mythraeum - Oblivion Aeternam (2024)

1. Dawn of Reckoning:

A once flourishing world begins its descent into chaos. ‘Tis the beginning of a new era...

2. Crown and Sepsis:

An account of an ancient royal family that secretly pulls the strings on all world affairs. They have kept their bloodline pure for centuries to the point where inbreeding has changed their form to a grotesque, post-human cannibalistic underground dweller. Their lineage dates back to early medieval days and their stronghold is kept lavishly furnished as a royal hall in the 18th century. Their servants above ground serve their hunger and kidnap lost helpless souls to feed their cannibalistic hunger. Their power and influence reaches across much of the European continent and to them, major conflicts are the mere squabbles of man and their only entertainment.

3. Harbinger’s Chant:

The world is still, but within the cosmos, the seeds of greed have been planted, and one deity begins to rot from within, festering with malice until they are a shadow of their former self. Why must they share their world with the likes of others less worthy? If the others are eliminated, then the world is theirs to remake in the image they see fit. A plan is made, and the dark Harbinger of the cosmos bides their time.

4. Halls of Forgotten Will:

An old temple beneath the chasms of the world is hidden and lost to time due to the ravaging apocalypse from above. It is in this temple where time and space do not exist and everything above is swallowed by Gaia's majesty yet, ravaged by darkness. An eternal guardian forged over years of an endless cycle of calamity watches over and guides the way for our hero. This newly awakened hero, not knowingly having this power bestowed upon them, fights their way through oblivion yet, the sages holding the temple together fall, thus destroying it. Through the sheer destruction though, its consciousness still remains.

5. The Hunter’s Dream:

A once great and vibrant city is gripped by chaos and death. Malformed beasts and people alike wander the formerly bustling streets, indiscriminately slaughtering those who haven’t yet succumbed to the scourge of madness that blights the city. A lone hunter armed with a blade and blunderbus, and draped in blood-soaked rags stands against this plague of beasts. But what can one single hunter do in the face of such overwhelming odds? The sound of a footfall from behind and a flash of steel, blood pours from the hunter's throat and the world fades to black......but the hunter does not die. They awaken in a clearing of trees on the outskirts of the city, a glade of serenity untouched by the madness. Long having lost count of how many times they’ve perished and reawoken here, the hunter gets to their feet and sets off for the city once again, determined to uncover the mysteries of the plague, and one day be free of this curse. It may be a beautiful prison, but it is a prison nonetheless.

6. Halls of Mythras (reincarnation):

The catacombs of the earth awaken ancient entities. Formless elemental beings that attach their ethereal presence to physical bodies. Two powers come from a shared force that bonds themselves to two gnarled interwoven trees that grow in tandem with the stream of life and existence on this planet.

7. Terrestrial Despair:

Before time immemorial, two demigods have served as the dipoles holding the telluric currents in balance. Archaos and Archi. As the living are enamored with death, so is Archi tempted by Archaos. Archi knows they were once one, the monad of existence. Their disparity is itself the impetus for all mortal endeavors and suffering, powerless against the flow of power. The Schemes of Archaos's followers have finally drawn Archi near. This is the moment of the cataclysmic shift. Agapi awakes, alone, with no memory of who she is. Archoaggoni ascends as the avatar of light and darkness, of life and death. The cosmos and all who inhabit it are caught in an eternity of gray, of undeath, of naught but despair.

8. Skies Torn Asunder:

The Earth is still. The skies shudder. With little warning, the calm of twilight is disturbed by groaning distensions forming in the heavens. Unable to contain the intrusion anymore, the sky tears open. Winged beings from the sprawling void breach the firmament. Their wings obscure the stars in their enormity. Jets of their black breath hang in the air and dissolve the atmosphere. The flames fall to the earth and spread, devouring everything in their path. The creatures' bellows shake mountains, drowning out all other cries. They take pleasure in razing the horizon. Their claws rip at the fabric of reality. As tectonic plates yawn and collide, the poisoned oceans extinguish the burning landscape. With nothing left to destroy, the draconic entities escape back to the weeping sores left in the lacerated sky. The earth is still once more.

9. Through the Nether:

It is often when we have hit our lowest point that we truly find out what we are capable of. Having lived under Archoaggoni’s reign for generations, nearly all hope has been extinguished from the world. Nearly, but not all. In the darkest reaches of this world, there are whispers of an uprising, of those long enslaved casting off their chains and beginning to fight back against their oppressor. A spark becomes an ember, an ember becomes a flame, and against all odds, they prevail. The world is theirs again. Now, they are free.

10. Beyond the Void:

Our now war-torn hero has a moment of respite among the lands where darkness has been subdued although there will never be peace among the earth. The gods laugh at this as they drift aimlessly through the abyss abandoning humanity. Old clergy spawning from the barren wasteland try to maintain control of what little is left of the world, but their faith comes crashing down, only to be met with the omniscient Mythras. It is here through the help of Mythras where our hero is shown the truths of existence. By letting go of these memories that chain the hero down to this earth, they are able to let go of their humanity and have this newfound freedom to seek out what they long sought out by traversing beyond the void...

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