Track By Tracks: SIEGE PERILOUS - Creation’s Call (2024)

About the album as a whole (LYRICALLY & MUSICALLY):

It’s all centered around Epic storytelling even if those stories are somewhat varied. We wanted the tones and moods to display range in both songwriting and playing while also conveying a cohesive sound and feel centered around telling epic fantasy stories.


1. Oathsworn:

This song centers around a great riff with an epic phaser effect on it to convey the sense of being transported and whipped around through time. It tells the story of a band of adventurers who when faced with a world-ending evil are flung back in time in order to have a chance to try and save the world.

2. Across the Rubicon:

This song uses a marching cadence and heavy chorus hook to tell the story of the fall of the Roman Republic from the perspective of one of Caesar’s legionaries, telling the story of one of history’s most famous points of no return. One of the most unique features of this song is the final chorus which is written in Latin and checked by several scholars of Roman history.

3. Sons of the Verdant:

This song has an interesting combination of dark and triumphant. The story is a fantasy version of a story we see repeated throughout history, that of native resistance to colonizing oppressors. One of the cool things about fantasy is the ability to take these universal themes and be able to apply them without having to point at one group of people and borrow their story, especially since there are so many instances of it from Antiquity to Modern Day. This is probably one of our most musically complex songs, featuring longer and more varied instrumental sections, having vocals be almost more of a punchy accent than the driving force, hitting at the right times while really letting the amazing instrumentalists in the band rock out.

4. Creation’s Call:

This song is a darker high fantasy take on Lovecraftian Cosmic Horror ideas. It’s a fantasy answer to the question “What would happen if you could speak directly to God?” The character slowly loses his mind. So this is a rather dark song overall showing the protagonist’s descent into madness.

5. Brothers of the Five:

This song is probably the most Power Metal song that we have ever done. A massive, epic, and triumphant sound that shows the brighter side of the genre. The song itself centers around a group of heroic knights that live their lives by five tenets: honor, integrity, resilience, willpower, and command.

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