Track By Tracks: Sijjeel - Affiliation Of Horrid Containment (2024)

Our new release ‘Affiliation of Horrid Containment’ is full of new ideas in terms of style and subject matter. From a musical standpoint, we turned to unconventional trends in this type of death metal or brutal death metal, and I will not hide from you that yes, many compositions came from the bands that we are greatly influenced by, especially me, as they came from Defeated Sanity, Disgorge, Gorguts and Disentomb. Also, I used some of the musical theories that invaded the musical world in the early 1900s, such as the theories of Arnold Schulenburg and Penderecki.

As for the objective aspect, in this release ‘Affiliation of Horrid Containment’, the subject matter was different from our previous release ‘Salvation within Insanity’, as we touched on the mental state of the mentally ill patient, but here it touched on one of the worst human cases, which causes the destruction of nations and whose consequences remain to this day, and this condition or characteristic is hypocrisy.

Let us dive into the tracks…

1.Descendent Incertitude:

In this track, the subject is to discuss the general matter of those sick-minded individuals and describe their deeds and their goals in how to determine the concept of overcoming other groups of people.

2. Abominable Captivation:

Here, on the tongue of one of the victims, who suffered and witnessed their overcoming and ruling, describing their ambitions and their ugly true faces. and how it looks to be under their ruling state.

3. Torment Upon Their Existence:

Here too, we see that these nations, due to the severity of the injustice, oppression, and severe torment, begin to tell stories about the saviors who will save them from this oppression and injustice until they reach the stage of belief and then doctrine because it eases their consciences and instills hope, even if it is faint.

4. Relinquished Unto Thee 14:

When the prophecy of the faithful spread, fears began to lead to the defeat of the prevailing doctrine. They began to narrate the opposite narratives that led to decline among the common people until the conflict began between the common people who believed it and who disbelieved in it. Divide and conquer.

5. The Congregation Under the Shade:

At this stage, the group tightened its grip on the path of the nations, and their characteristics and plans became their pride. You see them bragging about their rotten characteristics and imposing them on the public as if they were laws and traditions.

6. Infallible:

Sanctification and infallibility of the dominant group.

7. Acquittal of the Cursed Appraiser:

A tragedy has befallen the group, and their true colors have been revealed. Here, on the lips of those who followed them, they begin to curse them with a heart full of hatred and sorrow for what they were following them for and whose hearts were shaped by.

8. Everlasting Infamy:

Here we see the state the group reached after their bad deeds were exposed and they became naked to the public.

9. Impaled Upon the Pyre:

Finally, this is where the revolution of the rejectors begins, and their ideas begin to include the general public.

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