Track By Tracks: Sons Of Gulliver - Sons Of Gulliver (2024)

1. Desert Boogie:

All of our songs tell somewhat of a story, or in this case, more of a feeling. This band was brought up by a mutual love for the desert rock scene. Specifically the generator parties in the desert with Kyuss, Fu Manchu, and the like. Desert Boogie is essentially a love letter to a time and place that we missed out on. It's our way of experiencing and expressing that idea of musical freedom. It's a song about long desert highways, fast muscle cars, kegs, parties, and just having an inebriated and honest good time.

2. Red Sun Blues:

Red Sun Blues is an epic tale of two lovers turned enemies on a desert wasteland of a distant planet, after a series of unfortunate misunderstandings pit them against one another in pursuit of justice versus survival. After crash landing on a desert planet, colonized by settlers in a 'badlands/wild west' setting, the protagonist assumes the role of local bounty hunter in order to survive. This leads him to working with the local sheriff, a woman who upholds the law in the most brutal of fashions. The two quickly fall in love, until a heist gone wrong puts the blame on the protagonist, who all of a sudden finds himself on the wrong side of frontier justice. Now the sheriff is on the hunt for her ex lover. The two are pitted against one another in a battle steeped in passion and regret, in which only one can survive. "Hell hath no fury" is just as true on alien worlds.

3. Feeding the Horse:

Not every song needs a heavy philosophical agenda. Sometimes we want to write songs about a farm hand who gets abducted by aliens and gets experimented on, who in turn teaches his new extraterrestrial buds the wonders of rock n roll, liquor, and mind-expanding drugs. Y'know, simple stuff.

4. Nothing But Human:

Nothing but Human is a cautionary tale about how we as humans really shouldn't take ourselves too seriously. Popular culture today puts humanity at the tip top of the proverbial iceberg. We're the smartest and strongest, right? Not so much. It is our opinion in the SoG camp, that on a grand cosmic scale, humanity is nothing more than a grain of sand on a vast beach. Our life-altering problems are nothing more than a mild curiosity to whatever life might or might not be out there in the stars. Taking this enormity into consideration, we really are nothing but human. All we can do is the best we can do with the lives granted to us, and it wouldn't kill us to be a bit more humble in the face of our own nature, and the other natures out there... somewhere.

5. El Diablo Cazador de Hombres:

This one started out instrumental. The lyrics for the spoken word section were taken from the film 'Predator', where Anna spoke of the creature from her village when she was a girl who would hunt and kill the men of her village. We figured that monologue would make for a good spoken word part of this song. We altered the structure of the song to represent the feeling of being chased by something in the dark. The opening riff is very fast and frantic, like being chased and running for your life. The middle section is finally finding a safe spot to hide, reminiscing on folk tales from your youth about a boogie man, and eventually being found. Then the chase is back on again until the song abruptly ends.

6. Riding in Black/Bereft the Bastard:

This song is mostly instrumental, with one small break towards the end before the second half of the song begins. The music made us think of driving down a long country road at night when you get the urge to turn off the headlights and coast in pitch black, and you feel the sensation of motion, but no visual stimulus to confirm it. The lyrics have to do with that feeling, as well as the idea of not letting anyone dictate your destiny for you.

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