Track By Tracks: Traumatomy - Triumph Of Enslavement (2024)

About the EP as a whole (LYRICALLY & MUSICALLY)

The new EP sounds faster, more brutal, and more raw. Lyrically it is the same as others.


1. Ingress To Horridness (1:34):

It`s just the intro, nothing special. Our intros are different from other bands because we actually play tracks instead of just using samples.

2. Triumph Of Enslavement (3:38):

It`s the main track of this EP. The track represents the entire EP, as the lyrics and title are related to the album cover.

3. Consumed Into Nothing (3:15):

This is the fastest track on the album. It has the most blast beats.

4. Womb Of The Desecrated (3:11):

It`s our drummer`s favorite track. The most balanced track.

5. Acknowledge The Inevitable End (3:38):

It has the perfect structure for the end of the album.

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